Supporting the local community: How Gardner Cars is giving back and supporting incredible charities this End of Financial Year

Supporting the local community: How Gardner Cars is giving back and supporting incredible charities this End of Financial Year banner

Gardner Cars is proud to announce that for the 4th consecutive year, we will be supporting AAIC & The Sanctuary as part of our End of Financial Year sale drive. We are honored to collaborate with these two incredible charities, both led by equally impressive women who go above and beyond to ensure the well-being and education of vulnerable individuals in our local community.

Throughout the month of June, we will donate $100 from every vehicle purchased to either AAIC or The Sanctuary. Each vehicle buyer will receive a $100 donation chip and have the opportunity to decide which charity they would like to support with their donation. We will provide two jars, one for each charity, where the donation chips can be placed. After June 30, we will count all the donation chips and contribute the total donation amounts to the respective charity.

Both charities are making a significant impact on the lives of Australians. Discover more information about the remarkable work they are doing below:

Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC):

AAIC's mission is to expose the devastating reality of the drug ICE—a dangerously toxic chemical compound that wreaks havoc on the physical and mental well-being of its users. ICE not only poses a severe threat to individual health but also inflicts significant damage on families, friendships, and tragically, leads to an alarming increase in suicides. Andre'a Simmons, the courageous founder of AAIC, established the organization following a life-altering experience where she lost everything, including her own life being on the brink, due to her struggle with ICE addiction. Since her triumphant recovery, Andre'a has devoted herself to helping those afflicted by ICE addiction and raising awareness about its profound dangers and effects.

AAIC operates with two primary objectives, tackling the ICE epidemic from multiple angles. Firstly, the organisation conducts comprehensive education programs targeting youths, reaching out to schools and detention centers to enlighten young individuals about the perils associated with ICE and other drugs. These educational workshops are skillfully delivered by AAIC presenters who have personally overcome ICE addiction through formal and documented rehabilitation programs. This unique attribute equips the presenters with invaluable life experience and unwavering credibility in their role. Working alongside these presenters, Andre'a facilitates extensive training and continuous professional development to ensure their effectiveness. Moreover, these presenters also serve as 'Lived-Experience Buddies,' providing support to individuals grappling with ICE addiction by guiding them through the decision-making process of seeking help and connecting them to available support services.

As the ICE epidemic continues to escalate, rehabilitation centres face immense strain, struggling to keep up with the soaring demand for their services. In response to this pressing need, AAIC extends its support to wider communities, empowering them to offer assistance to their peers and recognize the telltale signs of addiction, as well as the pathways to recovery. AAIC equips these communities with the knowledge to identify the opportune moment to approach individuals suspected of suffering from addiction. Additionally, they provide guidance and unwavering support throughout the decision-making process of embarking on a journey towards recovery.

Through their multifaceted approach, AAIC stands at the forefront of combating the ICE epidemic. The organisation advocates for prevention through education, offering crucial support to those in need, and reinforcing communities to take a proactive stance against addiction. By striving to create a society that is well-informed about the dangers of ICE, AAIC endeavors to alleviate the burden on rehabilitation centres and foster a compassionate network of individuals actively working together to help others regain control of their lives. The tireless efforts of AAIC and its dedicated team are instrumental in paving the way for a healthier and more resilient future, free from the devastating grip of ICE addiction.

The Sanctuary:

The Sanctuary is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for women and children who have been impacted by domestic violence. It serves as a secure haven where they can find solace and begin the process of rebuilding and healing from the effects of such trauma. Recognising that each individual's circumstances and needs are unique, the organisation takes a holistic approach to counseling, health, and personal development, tailoring their services accordingly.

One of the primary objectives of The Sanctuary is to assist women in finding stable, long-term accommodation. They work tirelessly to help women secure safe and sustainable housing options, facilitating the process of completing housing applications and providing support with the necessary paperwork. Additionally, The Sanctuary actively aids women in returning to work or education, recognising the significance of financial independence and personal growth in breaking free from the cycle of domestic violence. They help explore educational opportunities and even offer transportation assistance for women who need to commute to their current place of employment or educational institution.

Understanding the legal complexities involved in domestic violence cases, The Sanctuary extends its support by providing access to legal advice. They assist women with matters such as child custody, divorce, child support, domestic violence orders, court orders, and more. By offering this comprehensive legal guidance, The Sanctuary empowers women to navigate the legal system with confidence and make informed decisions regarding their futures.

The organisation also places great importance on addressing the physical and mental health needs of women affected by domestic violence. The Sanctuary offers a wide range of medical services, ensuring that women receive the necessary care and support for their well-being. They also provide specialised assistance for women undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, recognising the additional challenges they may face.

In 2016, Simone Patterson established The Sanctuary after being deeply moved by the struggles faced by women affected by domestic violence. Witnessing the insufficient government action on this issue, Simone decided to take matters into her own hands, leveraging her counseling experience to support those in need. With unwavering dedication, she acquired a property on the Gold Coast and transformed it into a refuge for women and children seeking safety from domestic and family violence. Today, The Sanctuary operates through private funding, relying on the generosity of donations and support from the community and corporate sponsors to continue their vital work.

Through their tireless efforts and compassionate approach, The Sanctuary stands as a beacon of hope for women and children affected by domestic violence. By providing a safe space, comprehensive support, and pathways to empowerment, they contribute significantly to breaking the cycle of abuse and helping survivors rebuild their lives with strength and resilience.

For more information about these remarkable charities or to donate, please visit their websites:

Australian Anti Ice Campaign:

The Sanctuary:

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