From enquiry to ignition: The easy-going road to your dream car with Gardner Cars

From enquiry to ignition: The easy-going road to your dream car with Gardner Cars banner

Hey there, car enthusiast! Are you ready to hit the road in style? At Gardner Cars, we’ve got your back, and we’re here to make buying your dream car a breeze. So buckle up and let’s take you through our relaxed, no-nonsense car buying process.

1.       Enquiry – Let’s Chat! The journey begins when you make an enquiry on our website, Car Sales, or any platform our vehicles are advertised on. We understand that choosing the perfect car is a big decision, so our friendly sales team will reach out to you for a chat about the ride you’ve got your eyes on. This is where we get to know your preferences, answer your questions, and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

2.       Choose Your Vehicle – Virtual or In Person! Fancy seeing your potential ride up close? Swing by our dealership in Burleigh Heads, or if that’s a bit of a drive, no worries! We can set up a virtual inspection with one of our team members. We want you to have a clear picture of what your dream car looks and feels like.

3.       Deposit and Contract – It’s a Date! Found “the one”? Time to seal the deal! Put down a $1000 holding deposit and sign your purchasing contract. This ensures that your car is reserved exclusively for you while you sort out any necessary finance or other details. No surprises, just a smooth process.

4.       Customer Care Call – Smooth Sailing Ahead! Expect a call from our customer care agent. We’ll chat about registration, delivery timeframes, and any extra protections or warranties you might want to add. This step ensures that you have all the support you need and can enjoy a worry-free buying experience.

5.       Finance Application (if required) – Meet Kerrie, Our Finance Guru! If you’re exploring finance options, have a chat with our in-house finance manager, Kerrie. Submit your application with all the required documents and wait for the lenders to give the green light. Kerrie is here to make sure you get the best financing options tailored to your needs and budget.

6.       Cleared Funds – Time to Roll! Once your finance is sorted or if you’re paying up front, we’ll wait for your payment to clear into our account. Rest assured, we’re moving as quickly as possible to get you behind the wheel.

7.       Protections – Keeping Your Ride Tip-Top! If you’ve opted for any additional protections or aftermarket mods, we’ll book them in and get your ride ready to rock once we have those cleared funds in hand. Your new car will be fully equipped to handle whatever adventures come your way.

8.       Registration of Vehicle – Sorted in a Snap! If you’re a Queensland local, we’ll take care of your vehicle’s registration and paperwork, ensuring that all the legalities are handled smoothly. If you’re from out of state, our expert team will guide you through the process, making it a hassle-free experience.

9.       Pre-Delivery – Looking Sharp! We’re almost there! Before you take the wheel, we’ll do some final checks and make sure your new ride looks its absolute best. We want you to drive away with confidence, knowing that everything is in top shape.

10.   Collection – Happy New Car Day! It’s the big day! We’ll set up a time for you to collect your vehicle, hand over the keys, and send you off with a smile. If you’re not nearby, no worries – we can truck your new car to you, ensuring that the delivery process is as convenient as possible.

11.   Follow-Up – We Care About Your Ride! A few days after your purchase, your friendly salesperson will check in to see how you’re enjoying your new wheels. We love hearing about your experiences, so don’t forget to share the love with some rave reviews! We’re here to assist you even after you’ve hit the road.

So there you have it, the Gardner Cars car-buying journey made easy, step by step. We’re here to make sure your ride is smooth from start to finish. Get ready for an adventure on the road with your dream car!

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